Property Tax Appeals

Building Equity Through Tax Reductions

PROVEN TRACK RECORD | With an 89% success rate, our clients are confident in our abilities to help alleviate their tax burden. Our clients’ average savings is 29% per property!

We offer proper ty tax appeal services throughout the United States. Each client receives a complete, zero cost analysis of their current proper ty tax assessment. As your proper ty tax consulting firm, our goal is to establish a relationship with each client, translating into a seamless extension of your business’ operations. We incur all costs associated with appealing your proper ty assessment. Upon a successful appeal, our fee is a percentage of your proper ty tax savings.


PROPERTY TAXES represent the largest operating expense for property owners. National experts estimate that approximately 60% of all real estate may be over-assessed. This over-assessment results in taxpayers paying MORE in property taxes. It is important to take full advantage of this opportunity with a thorough review of your tax situation.

  • Error in Fair Market Value Assessment
  • Taxing Authority’s use of automated Valuation Tools vs actual Assessors
  • Comparable Valuations are not representative of the specific property’s value
  • Replacement Cost does not reflect market value of property
  • Error in Assessment Information
  • Incorrect or Insufficient Income and Expense information
  • Assessment Time Lapses

Blue Sky Equity Services is the authority you can trust when navigating this complicated process.

Properties We Successfully Appeal

Medical Offices
Office Buildings
Vacant Land