Adina Safta

Adina Safta

Adina Safta is a Raleigh businesswoman who has spent the greater part of her professional career in working with small business clients and advocating for women in business throughout her community.

Adina takes pride in her ability to build relationships through learning about the business, its owner’s, and overall goals. Understanding specific industries in combination with their global cash flow and operating cycle is crucial when assisting a client in the purchase of real estate.

With a combined experience of 14+ years in small business finance, real estate sales, leadership, and exposure to both, growing and established markets, Adina is here to serve you and your company.

Being a philanthropist in the community has always been at the top of her priorities. Adina is proud to sit on the Board of Athena of the Triangle, a local nonprofit, who’s vision is to empower women as strong leaders and to achieve their highest potential. In 2019, Adina was featured in the KNOW Book + Raleigh Tribe, Vol. 2, a Women’s Book highlighting some of Raleigh’s highly successful and authentically driven women.

Personally, Adina enjoys spending time outdoors with her dogs, working on exciting house projects with her boyfriend, Cole, and escaping to their beach haven when they can. She is an entrepreneur, mentor, philanthropist, and fluent in Romanian and English.

“People can feel Passion, so always be sure to live every day with Passion!” Adina