Since 2005, our team has established a reputation of creativity and innovation, which has become the cornerstone of our real estate success. Integrity, persistence, and reliability has helped us build valued relationships with those we serve.

CityPlat is committed to setting the highest standards in the industry for innovation, professionalism, and communication. We work with our clients before, during, and after all transactions, tailoring the experience to each unique situation. Sharply focused on understanding current market conditions, we also forecast future trends in local, regional, and national markets. Monitoring economic, demographic, and real estate indicators enables us to provide our clients with the knowledge essential in creating successful investments.

As a partner with us, you will appreciate the dedication that goes into every aspect of the deal.

Our Mission

To provide positive and meaningful experiences through the many facets real estate has to offer. We seek to help our clients navigate the wonderful, challenging, and sometimes frustrating world of commercial real estate acquisition and development.  Together with the help of our clients we hope to improve the quality of the built environment that we dwell in every day.

Our Vision

We aim to add value to our clients not only by leveraging our entrepreneurial capabilities, but by creating a positive success experience. With over two decades of expertise and a proven analyze-strategize-act strategy, we deliver an unparalleled level of collaboration.