Ethan Boyer

Hailing from the rugged landscapes of Pennsylvania, Ethan carved his path to financial mastery through the halls of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a finance degree in hand. His early days were spent honing his skills as an auditor at S&T Bank, learning the intricate dance of numbers and balance sheets.

Now, Ethan is on a new mission, drawn to the dynamic, ever-evolving landscape of commercial real estate. With CityPlat as his launchpad and Patrick Moore as his seasoned guide, he’s diving headfirst into the world of brokerage, acquisitions, and investor relations. His sharp mind, innovative solutions, and unwavering dedication to his clients are propelling him towards success.

When he’s not wrangling deals or dissecting spreadsheets, you’ll find him on the ice, enjoying local Raleigh pick-up hockey games and spending time with friends.